Monday, September 26, 2011

Camp Sherman - Our last hurrah...

Before we packed the trailer up for the season, we found one beautifully empty Saturday around which to build a quick getaway.

While we have been to the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery - we never really did explore the nearby Camp Sherman area. We found the Cold Springs Resort & RV park online, and had a wonderful getaway less than an hour from home.

There are tons of US Forest Service campgrounds, as well as private resorts. You can certainly find something to fit your getaway preferences. Here's a link to the Metolius River Association - with lots of helpful information on the area.

A bucolic sunset as seen from the road leading to our campground.

The Cold Springs Resort office.

What happens when there is idle space in our day.

We were fortunate to book this wonderfully open spot by the creek.

A quick visit to check out the Head of the Metolius River. 

We brought the bikes and wandered along the trails, and happened upon these jumps - much to the Teichrow boys' delight (all 3 of them). Biking photos were shot with the "old" D80 and a kit lens. Not to shabby - eh? Click to enlarge...

Boys and fire. Properly supervised - a kid's dream!

They were quite proud.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor. Are marshmallows considered a fruit?

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