Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Beautiful Mackenzie River

I was sifting through a few of my photos this morning, and came across this one. It's proving to be a hectic day - and the gorgeous, calming colors just spoke to me.

I shot this on a wonderful vacation that was part family vacation, part couples getaway. We spent the first part of the week with the kids at Tillicum Beach, then their {blessed} grandparents took them home to Bend for the school week, while my husband and I had a camping getaway at Beverly Beach for 4 nights. We migrated to Belknap Hot Springs on Thursday, where my parents dropped the boys back off to us on Saturday for a last family-hurrah before heading back to Bend, and back to reality.

I'll continue to elaborate on this trip (you can find the links under the "Where We've Been" list to the right) - but for now... Enjoy this jeweled gem of the Mackenzie River, near Sahalie Falls.

Amazing, accessible hikes. Gorgeous wooded forest.
Wish I were there right now.

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