Saturday, June 25, 2011

My all-time favorite travel tip.

Three or four years ago, when we were returning from one of our  Las Vegas vacations, my oldest son wasn't feeling great and threw up on the plane. Now, I'd anticipated this to a certain extent - I knew he was queasy, and I had the air-sick bag ready to go... but I'd missed my cue by a half second, and let's just say he didn't exactly hit his mark. 

Of course he was in the window seat, I was in the middle, and some poor business man was on the aisle. No sooner had I gathered my wits and was looking up to figure out how in the world I'd manage the clean up on this, than the stewardess came over and without warning proceeded to dump coffee grounds all over his lap, my lap, the floor and the air sick bag.  I was a bit stunned - this wasn't exactly what I'd expected. To my surprise, however, the icky smell that we all know and dread, particularly on an airplane was completely overwhelmed by the pleasant aroma of coffee grounds. 

My son wound up making it home without further incidents, and I came home with a valuable travel tip - and have since added a ziploc of coffee grounds to our emergency travel box that always travels with us in the car. I've been known to grab one or two of the ready-packs of coffee from hotel rooms we stay in for just such emergencies.

We recently put the coffee ground tip to the test on our last Las Vegas vacation, which you can read about here (no gory details, I promise, just a healthy perspective on getting sick during vacations). I mean, when you're on vacation, you don't live in a bubble - we touch things, we get germs... we deal with it, right?

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