Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Search of Triple D...

We watch a lot of Food Network TV. In fact, the boys are typically the first to request it.

On our last trip to Las Vegas, we thought it would be fun to visit a couple of restaurants we'd seen featured on Food TV. The show Meat and Potatoes boasted fantastic Mexican food at Agave, across from the Red Rock Canyon Casino - and the food did not disappoint. We'll be back, for certain - and we'll definitely take advantage of their killer happy hour deals.

Our true Food TV love, however, is Guy Fieri. We've been known to get sucked into back to back episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The boys love his personality and of course all of the talk of delicious food. I love seeing different takes on American cuisine - and a glimpse of hard working entrepreneurs across the country where something special happens every day.  I will say that I credit our TV habits to raising a couple of Foodies. I like that they appreciate food beyond the (typical) Kiddie Menu.

We kicked off our Hoover Dam day with a stop at Boulder City's own World Famous Coffee Cup, known for, and featured on "Triple D" for their Chile Verde, which I'll elaborate on in a bit. The boys were clearly excited and a bit nervous to visit the Coffee Cup - having seen in on TV made it a bit magical, and I'll admit I was caught up in the excitement as well - if not sheepishly so. The decor was charming, and it was quiet enough (for late morning, mid-week) to not feel rushed. I won't go into elaborate details about the breakfast, other to say that I thoroughly enjoyed embarrassing the boys by asking our server (a family member featured on the show), a bit about the experience - and we ate amazing food. I will elaborate, however, about their famous Chile Verde.

I'm a big fan of the dish, regardless of where we are – and this was by far, the best I've ever had. Clearly homemade, I just wish I'd been able to prolong the enjoyment for at least a few hours. Alas, I filled my belly up before I could entirely satiate my desire for more! 

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